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Here you can find articles or essays which I have written and which have been published elsewhere

Ten Things to Watch in 2017

Publications, The Global Economy | 24th January 2017

Ten things that could move global or Australian financial markets in 2017 – originally written for Jamieson Coote Bonds (of whose advisory board I’m a member), and also published on Livewire.

The Economic Consequences of Mr Trump Article

Publications, The Global Economy | 26th October 2016

The Economic Consequences of Mr Trump, The Conversation, 26th October 2016

Fixing Australia’s budget deficit – analysis of Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison’s “Bloomberg Address”

Economic Policies, Publications | 25th August 2016

Saul Eslake | The Conversation | 25th August 2016 Scott Morrison has correctly diagnosed the problem, but needs to be flexible about solutions Federal treasurer Scott Morrison’s diagnosis of the risks and challenges confronting the Australian economy, as set out in his Bloomberg Address in Sydney, is hard to fault.Australia has become very dependent on continued […]

Reflections on Glenn Stevens’ valedictory speech as Governor of the Reserve Bank

Publications | 18th August 2016

Saul Eslake | Inside Story | 18th August 2016 In his last speech in the job, Glenn Stevens once again made a persuasive case for more infrastructure spending, writes Saul EslakeDuring his ten-year tenure as governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Glenn Stevens’s occasional musings on issues outside the strict boundaries of monetary policy have […]

Analysis of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s first major post-election economic speech

Publications | 17th August 2016

Saul Eslake | The Conversation | 17th August 2016 The electorate has spoken, but Turnbull’s speech shows he hasn’t listened Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s first major economic address since the July 2 federal election was, in most respects, the kind of speech one might have expected from a leader who had won with a comfortable margin. He […]

Op-ed article on proposed changes to GST revenue-sharing arrangements

Publications | 16th August 2016

Saul Eslake | Mercury | 16th August 2016 Opinion Talking Point: WA wasted all its boomtime revenue and now it wants more WHILE it is true, as West Australians keep saying, their share of total GST revenue has been unprecedently low in recent years, relative to their share of the population, there is a good reason for […]

The Australian resources boom and its aftermath – Review of ‘Balancing Act’ by George Megalogenis

Economic Policies, Publications, The Australian Economy | 15th June 2016

Saul Eslake | Quarterly Essay | Issue No 16 2016 In reply to George Megalogenis’s Quarterly Essay, Balancing Act: Australia Between Recession and Renewal. George Megalogenis writes about today’s economy with a grasp of the broad sweep of Australian history and an awareness of the social consequences of economic performance and policy – attributes which have been […]

The case for reducing the capital gain tax discount

Housing, Publications, Taxation | 7th June 2016

Article originally published in ‘Around the House’, the newsletter of Shelter NSW, a housing advocacy group, in June 2016


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Gail Fosler, Chief Economist, The Conference Board, New York, December 2002

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Charles Goode, Chairman, ANZ Bank, July 2009

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