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Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on the GST revenue distribution formula

Australian Society and Politics, News | 10th October 2017

Brian Carlton | Tasmania Talks | 10th October 2017

Interview with Northern Tasmania commercial radio’s Brian Carlton on the Productivity Commission’s draft report into the distribution of revenue from the GST among Australia’s State and Territory Governments (otherwise known as ‘horizontal fiscal equalization’), 10th October 2017

A productivity commission report has recommended that changes be made to the national GST carve-up, and could see Tasmania lose up to $1 billion over four years.

With Western Australia leading the charge for reform, the question may not be whether or not the system is changed, but how.

Economist Saul Eslake talks with Brian Carlton about the different options the government may look at to change the GST system, so that WA would still stand to gain money but the other states will not lose out significantly.
“[Government would have to say to WA] That’s it, you’re not getting any more, fix up your own problems that you’ve made, and be quiet,” says Mr Eslake.


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