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I was born in England in 1958, while my parents (who were originally from Sydney) were living there. In 1966, they decided to return with their four children to Australia, ending up in Tasmania where my father worked for, and eventually ran, the School Dental Service.

I went to school in Smithton (in the far north-west of Tasmania) and Hobart, and subsequently gained a First Class Honours degree in Economics from the University of Tasmania which, despite being a small and seemingly remote institution, has a long tradition going back to the 1920s of outstanding teaching in economics.

I began my professional career in 1979 at the Australian Treasury in Canberra. After a brief return to Tasmania in the early 1980s, in 1983 I moved to Melbourne to work as an economic advisor to Jeff Kennett, who had just been elected as Leader of the Opposition in the Victorian State Parliament (and who was subsequently Premier of Victoria from 1992 until 1999).

In mid-1984 I secured my first position as an economist in the Australian financial markets, with an investment banking joint venture between the National Australia Bank and the Australian subsidiary of Chase Manhattan Bank. I became Chief Economist of McIntosh Securities, a stockbroking firm, in 1986; Chief Economist (International) at National Mutual Funds Management, the funds management arm of what was then Australia’s second-largest life insurance company, in 1991; and Chief Economist of the Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), one of Australia’s four big commercial banks, in 1995.

I left ANZ in 2009 to join a then newly-established ‘think tank’, the Grattan Institute, in a part-time role as Director of its Productivity Growth Program, whilst also seeing if it was possible to earn a reasonable living as an independent economist, writing and speaking about a range of contemporary economic issues.

I returned to the financial markets towards the end of 2011 as Chief Economist (Australia & New Zealand) for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, one of the world’s largest investment banks. Having fulfilled a long-held ambition of returning to live in Tasmania at the end of 2014, six months later in June 2015 I resigned from my role with Bank of America Merrill Lynch in order to re-establish my own business, Corinna Economic Advisory Pty Ltd.


In addition to running that business, since April 2016 I’ve had a part-time role as a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Tasmania.

Since June 2020 I’ve been an Associate of Llewellyn Consulting, a London-based independent economics advisory specializing in thought leadership, strategic research and analysis.

Since 2003 I’ve been a member of the International Conference of Commercial Bank Economists (ICCBE), a group of current and former chief economists of commercial banks which was originally established in 1937, and am currently serving as Chair of the ICCBE Steering Committee.

I am a member of the panel of expert advisors to Australia’s Parliamentary Budget Office, which provides independent and non-partisan analysis of the budget cycle, fiscal policy and the financial implications of proposals to members of Australia’s national Parliament; and a member of the independent expert panel advising the Australian Taxation Office on its ‘tax gap estimates‘. I’m a non-executive director of the Macquarie Point Development Corporation, a Tasmanian Government agency responsible for the redevelopment of a 9-hectare site adjoining the Hobart waterfront. I am also a member of the Advisory Board of Jamieson Coote Bonds, a funds management business based in Melbourne and specializing in government bonds.

In addition to my paid employment, at different times over the 15 years I’ve been a member of the Howard Government’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Policy Advisory Councils, the Rudd Government’s Long Term Tourism Strategy Steering Committee, the Tasmanian Government’s Digital Futures Advisory Council, and a steering Committee established by the Tasmanian Government to oversee the preparation of a business case for a Tasmanian team in the Australian Football League.

I was a non-executive director of Hydro Tasmania, the electricity-generating business owned by the Tasmanian State Government, from March 2008 through September 2018. I have also been Chair of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board (2005-11), a member of the Board of the Australian Business Arts Foundation (2010-12), a member of the previous Federal Government’s National Housing Supply Council (2008-2013), and a Director of the University of Tasmania Foundation (2002-09).

Personally, I’ve been married to Linda Arenella, who’s originally from New York and whom I met in Washington DC in 1988, and we have two children, Caroline and Jonathan, whom we’ve adopted from China.



Saul Eslake online presentation
“Your chart pack is amazing - and thanks for offering to add me to the mailing list, that would be great to be included. Everything you could want to know is there - and the way the data are organised and presented to tell the stories makes it so easy to follow.”

Prof Jeff Borland, Truby Williams Professor of Economics, The University of Melbourne, June 2020. Website

“An excellent summary. Although I take a great interest in what’s happening with COVID-19 day by day In Australia and Internationally, I always find your weekly summary a very interesting review of the past week.”

retired former Chief Executive Officer of a District Hospital Service in New South Wales, August 2020.

“Just want to congratulate you Saul on the unbelievably good set of slides you just presented, possibly the best I have ever seen. You have set the bar very high.”

Dr Joe Flood, Adjunct Fellow, RMIT University, July 2020. Pandemicia

“Thank you very much for your excellent presentation for the Economic Society today. It is always a great pleasure to hear your eloquent, up-to-date and comprehensive talks.”

Andrew Trembath, economist, Victorian and Australian Government agencies, July 2020.

“100 slides in 1 hour!! While very comprehensive you do not make everyday people, such as myself, feels clueless, out of depth or bored. You have an amazing ability to project the same energy and intensity from your desk as if you were standing on stage. These qualities make you standout from the rest.”

“anonymous” audience member, July 2020.

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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Global and Australian economies

Saul’s online seminar focusing on the Global and Australian economies.
Join Saul Eslake from the comfort of your device anywhere in the world.

1.00 pm AEST
11:00 am Hong Kong | 8:00 pm Los Angeles
$39.99 AUD
Early Bird $29.99 - code: AUG-2020 valid until 31 AUG 2020.

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Assessment of the 2020-21 Australian Federal Budget

Saul’s assessment of the 2020-21 Australian Federal Budget. Join Saul Eslake from the comfort of your device anywhere in the world.

1.00 pm AEST
10:00 am Hong Kong | 7:00 pm Los Angeles
Early Bird $29.99 - code: AUG-2020 valid until 31 AUG 2020.

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Preview of the US Presidential and Congressional elections

Saul’s preview of the US Presidential and Congressional elections. Join Saul Eslake from the comfort of your device anywhere in the world.

1.00 pm AEST
10:00 am Hong Kong | 7:00 pm Los Angeles
Early Bird $29.99 - code: AUG-2020 valid until 31 AUG 2020.

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External Speaking Engagements

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Coronavirus Impact Chart Pack

Each weekend since mid-April I’ve been preparing, updating and distributing a weekly Coronavirus Impact Chart Pack to people in Australia and overseas. Running to over 100 pages, the Coronavirus Impact Chart Pack will be updated every Saturday afternoon, Australian time, for as long as it remains topical. It will be accessible to subscribers of the Premium Access package.

If and when Covid-19 ceases to be front and centre of attention (as it is now) – whenever that might be – I will continue to prepare a Weekly Chart Pack, but with a focus on whatever replaces the virus as the issue du jour.

Coronavirus Impact Chart Pack 2020-08-08

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Recent Presentations

The Impact of Covid-19 to the Global and Australian economies, 29 July 2020
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What Others Say

“You are one of the best at what you do in the world”
Gail Fosler, Chief Economist, The Conference Board, New York, December 2002

“I have never known an economist to have such a knowledge of world economic facts and to be able to bring to bear so much information in answering a question without notice”
Charles Goode, Chairman, ANZ Bank, July 2009

“An outstanding presentation that was lucid, logical and blended hard facts with humour. And Saul comfortably communicated to meet the wide range of ages, occupations and knowledge of our guests”
Anthony Starkins, Executive Director, First Samuel Ltd, August 2016

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