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I’m an independent economist, company director
and Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Tasmania’
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Population, participation and productivity: How to think about long-run economic growth

Productivity, The Global Economy | 5th July 2017

Presentation to the International Conference of Commercial Bank Economists (ICCBE), Paris, 4-6th July 2017

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative and its implications for Australia

Asian Economies | 18th June 2017

Paper presented to the Australia-China Annual Think Tank Economic Dialogue, hosted by the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) and the Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI) at the University of Technology Sydney, in Beijing on 18th June 2017

Tasmania’s Economy: Opportunities and Challenges

Tasmania | 16th June 2017

Presentation to the Tasmanian Leaders’ Program, Launceston, 16th June 2017

A discussion about ‘stealth’

The Arts | 9th June 2017

Panel Discussion | University of Tasmania | 9th June 2017 Panel discussion with Saul Eslake, Dr Alysia Bennett of Monash University’s School of Architecture, and the Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, the Right Reverend Dr Robert Condie, hosted by ABC Radio Hobart’s Ryk Goddard at the University of Tasmania’s Art School, as part of Hobart’s ‘Dark […]

What would happen if there were to be a housing ‘bust’?

Housing, News | 6th June 2017

Jessica Haynes | ABC News | 6th June 2017 I’m not forecasting a ‘housing bust’, but in this interview with Jessica Haynes of ABC Online, published on 6th June 2017, I look at what might happen if there were to be one.

Has Australia really set a ‘new world record’ for continuous economic growth

Publications, The Australian Economy | 6th June 2017

Saul Eslake | The Conversation |06th June 2017 Australia hasn’t had a recession – defined as consecutive quarters of ‘negative growth’ in real GDP since the first half of 1991. Some have claimed that, with the release of first quarter GDP figures on 7th June 2017, Australia will have surpassed a ‘record’ for recession-free growth […]

The 2017-18 Budget and Australian housing markets

Housing | 1st June 2017

Presentation to the Future of Australian Housing conference hosted by Q Shelter, the Brisbane Development Association, and Future Housing Task Force, in Brisbane on 1st June 2017

Global Inequality and Australia’s Role

The Global Economy | 29th May 2017

Presentation to a reception for Oxfam Australia hosted by the Governor of Tasmania, Her Excellency the Hon. Professor Kate Warner, AC, at Government House, Hobart, on 29th May 2017


Upcoming Events and Appearances



Australia’s Economy in a Rapidly Changing World Environment
Talk to a Business Breakfast hosted by c3 Churches

The Westin Hotel, Sydney



Is the Mining Industry a Dinosaur or a Deliverer for Tasmania
Panel discussion hosted by the Academy of Technology and Engineering

RACV Hotel, Collins Street, Hobart


What Others Say

“You are one of the best at what you do in the world”
Gail Fosler, Chief Economist, The Conference Board, New York, December 2002

“I have never known an economist to have such a knowledge of world economic facts and to be able to bring to bear so much information in answering a question without notice”
Charles Goode, Chairman, ANZ Bank, July 2009

“An outstanding presentation that was lucid, logical and blended hard facts with humour. And Saul comfortably communicated to meet the wide range of ages, occupations and knowledge of our guests”
Anthony Starkins, Executive Director, First Samuel Ltd, August 2016



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