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You can’t think (or write, or speak) about an economy without also having a sense of the broader social and economic framework in which it operates. I try very hard to avoid partisan political commentary, but I do sometimes feel moved to write or talk about social or political developments.

Economist Saul Eslake questions need for so many details

Australian Society and Politics, News, Tasmania | 15th February 2021

Saul comments on ‘visa requirements’at Tasmanian airports and lack of social distancing despite bureaucratic procedures supposedly ordained to “keep Tasmanians safe”

Media coverage of my report on replacements for the Spirits of Tasmania ferries

Australian Society and Politics, Economic Policies, News, Publications, Tasmania | 27th November 2020

Saul Eslake stands by Spirits of Tasmania replacement report Follow up interview with Tasmania Talks‘ Aaron Stephens News, Publications, Tasmania | 27th November 2020 Interview with Triple M Hobart on ‘Choices and Consequences’ Interview with Triple M Hobart‘s Brian Carlton: The Spoonman News, Publications, Tasmania | 24th November 2020 Interview with Tasmania Talks on ‘Choices and Consequences’ Interview with Tasmania Talks‘ Aaron Stephens News, Publications, Tasmania | […]

The Economic Consequences of Misguided Localism

Australian Society and Politics, Economic Policies, Tasmania | 22nd November 2020

An analysis of the potential economic consequences of the Tasmanian Government’s decision (taken, it would seem, under pressure from the Australian federal government) to over-ride the decision of the board of its state-owned shipping company, TT-Line, to purchase replacements for its two Bass Strait ferries, the Spirits of Tasmania, from Europe, in favour of having […]

Regulatory action that ANZ would not like

Australian Society and Politics, Publications, The Australian Economy | 8th November 2020

Last month, a senior Minister in the Morrison Government threatened my former employer, ANZ Bank, with adverse regulatory actions because a well-known employee with the initials “SE” (in this case, the current CEO Shayne Elliott) said something that the Minister didn’t like. This brought back fond memories, which I couldn’t help writing about .

VIC Lockdown Fines Outdo Other States

Australian Society and Politics, News, Topics | 11th October 2020

Interview with Sky News Australia, 10th October 2020 Victorians payed $2.2m more in COVID fines than rest of Australia combined during first lockdown Economist Saul Eslake has discovered Victorians during the first lockdown payed almost $6 million in fines for allegedly breaching COVID restrictions, $2.2 million more than the rest of the country combined. “Let […]

Victoria – The Police State

Australian Society and Politics | 29th September 2020

Consistent with the well-established practice of Victorian Governments of both political persuasions, Victoria has seen Covid-19 as providing unsurpassed opportunities to extend the use of its police force as an adjunct of the State Revenue Office. During Australia’s ‘first wave’ of Covid-19 infections, no other state was as assiduous as Victoria in fining its citizens […]

‘Sovereign Risk’ and the proposed Adani Carmichael coal mine in Queensland

Australian Society and Politics | 21st May 2018

A paper commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundation, asking whether a decision by a future Australian Government to halt the proposed Carmichael (Adani) coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin would constitute ‘sovereign risk’ and put Australia’s AAA credit rating at risk, or would otherwise undermine Australia’s capacity to attract foreign investment

Submission to the Productivity Commission’s Review of Horizontal Fiscal Equalization

Australian Society and Politics, Economic Policies | 10th November 2017

The Productivity Commission (PC) is conducting a review of the way in which the revenue from Australia’s goods and services tax (GST) is shared among Australia’s States and Territories, with a view to evening out their capacity to provide a similar range and standard of public services to their citizens, having regard both to differences […]


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Beginning in June 2020, Saul began publishing the Coronavirus Impact Chart Pack, a weekly publication tracking the course of Covid-19 and its impact on economies around the world, including Australia and New Zealand. Starting at just under 60 pages, by the second half of 2021 it had grown to more than 150 pages.

From the beginning of this year, 2022, the Chart Pack has been replaced with three separate publications:

Each of these chart packs will continue to trace the impact of the virus (for as long as that’s relevant), economic data, developments in monetary and fiscal policy, trends in financial markets, and (where relevant) political developments. They will be accessible to subscribers of the Premium Access package.

The World Economy chart pack will have sections covering the global economy, and the economies of major regions – including the United States, Europe, China, Japan, other East Asian countries, India, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (very briefly), Latin America and Central & Eastern Europe.

"I see a lot of chart packs in my line of work, but yours is about the best I have seen. It is amazingly comprehensive, covering far more of the world than any individual is entitled to cover, the charts are clear and easy to understand and they drill down into each topic in a very satisfying way. So well done, Saul."

Alan Kohler, ABC finance presenter, founder of Eureka Report

"A timely and comprehensive summary from one of Australia's best economists."

Adam Creighton, Economics Editor for The Australian

“I continue to find your thinking invaluable - this year to my ritual weekend reading of the economist I have happily added ‘Saul’s latest’.”

Rufus Black, former Managing Partner of McKinsey’s, and currently Vice-Chancellor of the University of Tasmania

“Your chart pack is amazing - and thanks for offering to add me to the mailing list, that would be great to be included. Everything you could want to know is there - and the way the data are organised and presented to tell the stories makes it so easy to follow.”

Prof Jeff Borland, Truby Williams Professor of Economics, The University of Melbourne, Website

“An excellent summary. Although I take a great interest in what’s happening with COVID-19 day by day In Australia and Internationally, I always find your weekly summary a very interesting review of the past week.”

retired former Chief Executive Officer of a District Hospital Service in New South Wales

24th January 2022

This chart pack, published on Monday morning (Eastern Australian time) each week, portrays developments in the global economy and in the economies of major nations and regions – the United States, Europe, China, Japan, other East Asian economies, India, Canada, Australia & New Zealand*, Latin America and Central & Eastern Europe – with particular emphasis on:

  • the impact of Covid-19,
  • economic growth,
  • labour markets,
  • international trade and payments,
  • inflation,
  • fiscal and monetary policy,
  • bond, currency and stock markets, and
  • where relevant, political developments

The pack typically runs to 110-120 pages and includes more than 570 individual charts as well as tables and text.

* for more detailed coverage of Australia and New Zealand please see The Australian Economy this Week and The New Zealand Economy this Month, respectively.


28th January 2022

This chart pack, published on Friday evening (Eastern Australian time) each week, portrays developments in the Australian economy, with particular emphasis on:

  • the impact of Covid-19,
  • broad indicators of economic growth,
  • conditions in the business sector
  • the household sector, and consumer spending
  • housing finance and construction. and the residential property market
  • the labour market
  • commodity prices, trade and the balance of payments
  • inflation,
  • fiscal and monetary policy,
  • Australian financial markets

Closer to this year’s federal elections – which have to be held no later than 29th May – we will include some pages on political developments as well.

The pack typically runs to 80-90 pages and includes some 280 charts.

For coverage of the global economy, please see The World Economy this Week



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“You are the best economic thinker in the country hands down”

Sheryle Bagwell, recently retired Senior Business Correspondent (and sometime Executive Producer),
ABC Radio National Breakfast

“Just want to congratulate you Saul on the unbelievably good set of slides you just presented, possibly the best I have ever seen. You have set the bar very high.”

Dr Joe Flood, Adjunct Fellow, RMIT University, Pandemicia

“Thank you very much for your excellent presentation for the Economic Society today. It is always a great pleasure to hear your eloquent, up-to-date and comprehensive talks.”

Andrew Trembath, economist, Victorian and Australian Government agencies

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Should unvaccinated Australians pay a higher medicare levy?
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29th November 2021

Indonesia as an investment destination
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Tasmania records strong economic growth in 2020-21 but remains Australia’s poorest state
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23rd November 2021


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