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Archives: Before 2005

Is the Australian property market in ‘bubble trouble’?

Housing | 14th November 2003

Presentation to ANZ Queensland customers, Brisbane, 14th November 2003

Education and the Economy

Education | 15th September 2003

Address to the Associations of School Bursars and Administrators 2003 Annual Conference, 15th September 2003

Globalization: Keeping the Gains

Globalization | 17th August 2003

Presentation to a series of workshops arranged by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Trade Advocacy and Outreach Section, 2003

The Gains and Losses from Globalization

Globalization | 13th August 2003

Address to the 14th International Farm Management Congress – Burswood Resort, Perth, 13th August 2003

Globalization, Economic Policy and Democracy

Globalization, Publications | 3rd August 2001

A review of ‘Elect the Ambassador! – Building Democracy in a Globalized World’ by Duncan Kerr MP, and ‘For the People: Reclaiming our Government – Labor Essays 2001’, by Dennis Glover and Glen Patmore. Published in the Australian Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 36, No. 3, August 2001

On the importance which Australians attach to sport

Australian Society and Politics, Publications | 18th March 2001

In March 2001, I gave a talk to the Melbourne Media Club in which, as a final observation after talking at some length about a range of topical economic issues, and having been enjoined by the hosts to be ‘provocative’, I drew a link between the record low to which the Australian dollar was then […]

The Drivers of Globalization

Globalization | 20th November 2000

Presentation to a Regional Defence Seminar hosted by the Australian Department of Defence, 20th November 2000

Globalization – Unprecendented? Inevitable? Irreversible? Beneficial?

Globalization | 30th August 2000

Address to the 12th Rado Executive Luncheon, 30th August 2000

Progress in Korean Economic Reform

Asian Economies | 1st May 2000

Address to a Korea-Australia Economic and Business Seminar Sponsored by Asialink and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Melbourne, 1st May 2000

Japan’s Economic Challenge and the Implications for Australia

Asian Economies | 11th August 1998

Address to the Queensland-Japan Chamber of Commerce, Brisbane, 11th August 1998

Address to the Education Foundation’s ‘Awards in Education’

Education | 19th November 1997

Address to the Education Foundation’s ‘Awards in Education’ dinner, Melbourne, 19th November 1997

The Nixon Report – What’s Next

Tasmania | 25th August 1997

Address to the University of Tasmania’s ‘Tasmania 2010 Forum’, 25th August 1997

ANZ’s submission to the Commonwealth-State Inquiry into the Tasmanian Economy (the Nixon Inquiry)

Tasmania | 15th February 1997

My first substantial piece of writing about Tasmania’s economic problems, written on behalf of my then employer ANZ Bank to a Commonwealth-State Inquiry into the Tasmanian Economy headed by Peter Nixon, a former National Party MP and senior minister in the federal government of Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.


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“You are one of the best at what you do in the world”
Gail Fosler, Chief Economist, The Conference Board, New York, December 2002

“I have never known an economist to have such a knowledge of world economic facts and to be able to bring to bear so much information in answering a question without notice”
Charles Goode, Chairman, ANZ Bank, July 2009

“An outstanding presentation that was lucid, logical and blended hard facts with humour. And Saul comfortably communicated to meet the wide range of ages, occupations and knowledge of our guests”
Anthony Starkins, Executive Director, First Samuel Ltd, August 2016



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